Monday, February 25, 2008

Viva la Mexico

Every February the whole Facer fam heads down past the boarder
to soak up a little needed sun! It is always a blast and just what
the doctor ordered for snow-sick ones like us!
Thanks mom and dad for another memorable vacation!

gEtTiN' tiPsy oN tHe mArGaRitTaS! :)

fAmiLy oUtiNG!

a mEsSage to mY BabY!

oUr LitTle fIsH!

beLLa iN hEr "kInNi" eAtIng fReNch fRiEs!
sHe hAs sO mUcH cOnfiDeNce!

bRitTa, LiSa, keLLy, aNd I dOinG "jUmPinG" piCtuRes
oN tHe bEaCh! OuR faVoRitE paSt TiMe iN CaBo :)

dAdDy gAve hiS tWo giRls fLowErS!
wE LoVe yOu daDdy!

oUr liTtle MuNeca!
(that means "doll" in espanol :) )

tHe tHrEe AmIgOs!

yUp! sHe's A peRforMer!

sAy chEeSe!!!

bAthIng bEauTies!!!